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athletic_witch's Journal

Pandora Adrian Halliwell
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  • athletic_witch@livejournal.com
If my mommy doesn't kick your ass, my daddy will.

Age: 6
Fandom(s) of Character: Battlestar Galatica/Charmed AU
Parent(s) of Character: Phoebe Halliwell (sensethevisions)/Samuel Anders (cantgetnorelief)

For the OMGIHAVEAKID weekend at fandomhigh; fh_daycare and perhaps other mischief

Related to demonwitchlings and momsucksatnames and magicalmoonpies and weerageissues and neurotic_witch and blessed_twice and sorta demonbelthazor ... I have a very BIG family tree.

aunt paige, aunt piper, aunt prue, basketball, book of shadows, cousin chris, cousin wyatt, daddy, grams, grandpa victor, halliwells, making things happen, mommy, music, portals, pyramid, sacred duty, science, sports, uncle cole, witchcraft